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Rules and Regulations

Major Oak Safety Training respect a trainee’s right to learn, and encourage all trainees take pride in their participation in training and fulfil their potential.

Trainees are required to abide by rules which are intended to promote trainees’ welfare and to assist in the smooth running of training courses. Rules for trainees are:

  • Trainees are expected to act in an orderly, courteous manner and show consideration towards other people.
  • Trainees are to wear protective clothing (such as high visibility vests and safety boots) to meet workplace safety requirements.
  • The possession or use of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other illegal substances, material or items (such as weapons or firearms) is strictly prohibited.
  • Mobile phones distract from teaching and learning and are not permitted to be switched on during training and assessment.
  • Trainees are expected to be on time for all training sessions, trainees who are perpetually late for training will usually be released from the course.
  • Obtain permission from the Trainer to leave the training venue/workplace during the hours of training.

Major Oak Safety Training has a zero tolerance to:

  • smoking in the workplace outside the designated area (which includes any motor vehicles)
  • workplace harassment and bullying
  • use and/or possession of drugs or alcohol in the workplace

Major Oak Safety Training reserves the right to conduct random drug testing to ensure workplace safety.

Where training requires you to drive a vehicle or forklift, you must have your current NZ driver's licence with you at all times.