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Student Information

Welcome to Major Oak Safety Training! We hope that you will feel comfortable and welcome when you attend one of our training courses.

This section of the website outlines a range of policy issues, procedures and general information to assist you during your training. If you have any problems or difficulties before, during or after  your training, please do not hesitate in discussing these with your Trainer at the time or contact us via [email protected] or 07 868 2565

All of the information contained in this section is fully available in hard copy on the day of your training or at your request in our trainee handbook please just ask the team for your hard copy.

Who Can Attend?

Some training courses have conditions, pre-requisites, age conditions and other requirements that must be met before you can attend training.

Please ensure that you read all the information about the course you are undertaking or just ask us about any such requirements when considering attending a course.

Attendance at Courses

For full assessment of your skills and competencies, you must attend and participate fully in all sessions of your training courses. The issue of course certificates may depend on attendance, participation and assessment of each trainee. This applies also to start, finish and break times. For the benefit of all on your course please comply with course times advised by your Trainer.

Arrival and Orientation

A brief orientation will be initiated by your Trainer to Major Oak Safety Training and your training course will be undertaken at the start of the course to ensure that you are relaxed and “ready to learn”.


We look forward to you participating in discussions and enjoying your training experience.