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Sling regular loads and communicate during crane operations (Dogman) Unit Standard 3789

Course Aim
This course is based on industry best practice and designed for people with experience in the rigging, slinging and crane operation environments.                                Combining theory and practical assessments participants will demonstrate the following skills.                                                                                                      

Course Overview                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Theory and practical assessments covering the following: 

  • Calculate loads
  • Inspect and evaluate lifting gear
  • Identify hazards
  • Explain lifting gear range charts
  • Prepare and sling regular loads
  • Communicate during crane operations including radios and hand signals


  • Knowledge of Slinging Regular Loads Safely - unit standard 30072
  • Documented direction and communication of 40 lifts of a slewing crane
  • Customer to provide suitable crane and lifting equipment (hire may be available at extra cost)

NZQA Unit Standard
Sling regular loads and safely direct a crane during crane operations - Level 3, Credits 15

Attendance Numbers: Minimum 4, maximum 7 

Course Duration: Approx. 1 day  

Course Location:          TBC

Course Costs: $600.00+gst per person

Mileage$100.00+gst to Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga and .95c+gst per km everywhere else

(Minimum number charges will be applied if minimum numbers are not met)

For more information, please refer to the trainee handbook or the student information section of our website.