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Contractor Health and Safety

If you are in business and contract people or businesses to do work for you, then you will have duties as a principal under the HSWA  2015. Putting work out to contract doesn’t remove your health and safety obligations and is  not the “easy option”It is crucial that you know your responsibilities and that of any contractor/sub contractor you might use. Don't take a chance with safety and the fine print.

NZQA Unit Standard: Non-unit standard based learning (courses can be customized to include suitable units)

Attendance Numbers: Dependent on customized course 

Course Duration: Dependent on customized course 

Course Location: TBC

Course Cost: Dependent on customized course 

Mileage$100.00+gst to Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga and .95c+gst per km everywhere else

(Minimum number charges will be applied if minimum numbers not met)

For more information, please refer to the trainee handbook or the student information section of our website.