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Senior Driver Coaching

Our Senior Driver Coaching Sessions are designed for drivers on their full licence who are aged 65 years and over.

The coaching session can focus on whatever the individual driver may require.
Including self-awareness and safety checks, to managing slower reflexes and using new in-car technology.

Designed build confidence behind the wheel and stay safe on the road.

These one hour session with a qualified Driving Instructor are comprised of three parts:

Briefing (10 min):

Discussion of your driving history
Areas you want to improve on
Vehicle check to confirm it is licensed & roadworthy

Coaching (40 min):

The Coaching Session is conducted in the driver's own vehicle, however the Instructor will drive to your location and tailor the coaching to meet individual driver needs

Debrief (10 min):

Open ended, driver-centred feedback
Discussion on highlights, areas to work on and future practice

Sessions can be booked in variety of locations (pickup's from your location, no need to come to us)

All sessions can be booked online please follow this link for pricing and availability in your area

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