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Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, (W,T,R) Endorsements Unit Standards 16701, 16702, 16703

Course Overview
If you drive a special-type vehicle that isn't a forklift on the road, you must have a W, T or R endorsement on your driver licence.

This course includes theory and practical components and includes:

  • W Endorsement - vehicles that run on wheels that aren’t forklifts, passenger vehicles, tractors, fire engines, trade vehicles or vehicle                                     recovery service vehicles
  • R Endorsement  -  vehicles that run on rollers.
  • T Endorsement  -  vehicles that run on self-laying tracks.

The size weight and speed of the vehicle will be relevant to the class of licence you hold.

Course Prerequisites

  • Use of a training room for the duration of the course
  • Attendees that want to obtain any of the W, T, R Endorsement must hold a NZ driver license
  • Attendees must be at least 16 years of age
  • Use of fit for purpose equipment relevant to endorsement

NZQA Unit Standards
16701: Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement W (Wheels) - Level 3, Credits 3

16702: Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement R (Rollers) - Level 3, Credits 3

16703: Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving on a road for endorsement T (Tracks) - Level 3, Credits 3

Attendance Numbers: Minimum 4, maximum 8 per session

Course Duration: Approx. 4 hours full course

Course Location: Delivered on customer’s site

Course Cost: $350+gst per person - W, T, R Endorsement course

                     $200+gst per person - Individual Endorsement course

Mileage$100+gst to Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga and .95c+gst per km everywhere else

Credit reporting costs not charged when minimum attendance is met (credit reporting cost - $10 per credit)

Machine hire maybe additional depending on attendee numbers  


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