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Complaints & Appeals

It is expected that all course participants will conduct themselves professionally at all times whilst attending training.

Participants may raise any matters of concern relating to training delivery and assessment, the quality of the teaching, participant amenities, discrimination, sexual harassment and any other issues which may arise. The first point of contact is your trainer who will ask you to complete a complaints form.

Please note that Major Oak Safety Training does not investigate anonymous complaints (nor does NZQA).

Major Oak Safety Training appoints a suitable person to confidentially investigate all complaints, promptly, and impartially in a manner that preserves the complainant’s dignity and respect.

All complaints will be dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.

The complainant’s name is advised to any staff member named in a complaint and they will be advised of the exact nature of the complaint and will be given an opportunity to give their version of events as part of the investigation.

You may be contacted by the appointed investigator if further information is required.

Where a complaint relates to an assessment, the complainant may elect to be reassessed by another assessor. In such circumstances the new assessor is not provided beforehand with details of the complaint until health and safety issues, or breaches of the transport regulations are involved.

Should you choose to lodge your complaint directly with NZQA you may do so; information on the process is provided on the NZQA website. You may use our complaints form to record details of your complaint for sending to NZQA.