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Confined Space Planning, Entry And Gas Detection Course Unit Standards 17599, 18426, 25510

Course Aim
Delivered on your site, or at our facility, at the successful completion of this course a trainee will be able to either perform the duties of a confined space entrant or safety observer in the workplace, to identify the types of confined spaces and hazards and risks associated with working in a confined space.

It will also cover the atmospheric testing and equipment required to establish a planned and safe entry, as well as the correct emergency procedures in the event of a rescue.

When delivered at our facility the course will involve multiple entry scenarios using our custom built and dedicated facility.  

Course Overview
Theory and practical sessions covering the following: 

  • Identify hazards and controls within confined spaces
  • Develop an emergency procedure plan for a confined space
  • Complete required documentation for a confined space entry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of confined spaces and their permit notification and implementation requirements
  • Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements
  • Describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering; or conducting observation duties for a confined space
  • Demonstrate knowledge of atmospheric testing in potentially hazardous environments
  • Conduct atmospheric tests and interpret and respond to atmospheric testing results

NZQA Unit Standards

  • 17599: Plan a confined space entry - Level 4, Credits 5
  • 18426: Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined spaces - Level 3, Credits 4
  • 25510: Operate an atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safety. - Level 3, Credit 4
  • Total 13 Credits

Attendance Numbers: Minimum 4 - maximum 10 
Course Duration: 2 days (full confined space, gas detection & planning)                                                                                                              

Course Location: TBC

Course Cost: FULL $540.00+gst (for all three units)

                      REFRESHER $270.00+gst (if they hold all three units)

                      UPSKILL $480.00+gst (to bring them up to hold all three units)

Mileage$100+gst to Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga and .95c+gst per km everywhere else

Client to ensure participants are mentally and physically able to complete course.

Client to supply associated equipment and space for completion of practical inline with company requirements/duties to be conducted.

(Minimum number charges will be applied if minimum numbers are not met)

For more information, please refer to the trainee handbook or the student information section of our website.