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Plan for and direct complex lifting operations Unit Standard 3799

Course Aim
This course is based on industry best practice and designed for people with experience in the rigging of complex or irregular loads in crane operation environments, that are now moving into the planning and designing of the lifts for others to carry out.

Combining theory and practical assessments participants will demonstrate the following skills.

Course Overview                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Theory and practical assessments covering the following: 

  • Prepare and read elevation and plan drawings for proposed lifts
  • Plan complex crane lifts including appropriate safety margins
  • Obtain internal and external sign off as required
  • Direct complex crane lifts
  • Ensure lift is carried out to the authorised plan
  • Complete documentation.

Prerequisites -

  • Unit 3787, Demonstrate knowledge of regulatory requirements relating to cranes;
  • Unit 3788, Demonstrate knowledge of crane types, and safe practices required in the crane industry; 
  • Unit 3789, Sling regular loads and communicate during crane operations; or demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills.

It is also strongly advised that the candidate hold unit 3801 and have been working rigging complex loads for at least 6 months.

A full level 4 advanced Dogman qualification is desirable due to this being a level 5 unit.

NZQA Unit Standard
Plan and direct complex lifting operations - Level 5, Credits 25                        

Attendance Numbers: Minimum 1 - maximum 4 

Course Duration: Approx. 8 hours (course pre-reading required)

Course Location: TBC

Course Costs: $1,200.00+gst per person

Mileage$100.00+gst to Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga .95c+gst per km everywhere else

The client is responsible for having documentation ready for the planning of lifts along with suitable fit for purpose equipment and cranes to carry out the lifts.              We can design scenarios for an extra cost based on crane specifications and load information provided that would be available on the day (we would need this at least 2 weeks in advance).

(Minimum number charges will be applied if minimum numbers are not met)

For more information, please refer to the trainee handbook or the student information section of our website.