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Hydro-Excavator Operator Unit Standard 28725

Course Aim
Trainees will be able to apply theory and skills in hydro-excavator operations and analyse and evaluate processes, through practical experience.

This course is based on coaching and assessment only and is designed for trainees with experience in hydro-excavator operations.

Combining theory and practical assessments participants will demonstrate the following skills.

Course Overview
Theory and practical assessments covering the following: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of hydro-excavators
  • Prepare for hydro excavator operations
  • Operate a hydro-excavator for infrastructure works
  • Complete post-operational procedures for a hydro excavator.


  • Class of driver licence and any driver licence endorsement appropriate for the vehicle being driven
  • On job evidence such as log books, photos and job sheets will be requested as part of the evidence 

NZQA Unit Standard
Operate a hydro-excavator on an infrastructure works site - Level 3, Credits 8

Attendance Numbers: Minimum of 1, maximum of 4 per session

Course Duration: Approx. 6-8 hours for experienced operator (course pre reading required)

Course Location: TBC

Course Costs: $1,200.00+gst per person

Mileage: $100+gst to Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga and .95c+gst per km everywhere else

Thank you for considering our services.