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Backhoe Loader

The Backhoe Loader is a generic 108 hp backhoe with a hydraulic quick coupler, power shift transmission and 4x4 and 4x2 wheel drive also equipped with a medium duty bucket that can be swapped for forks when needed.

The Backhoe is equipped with 2 outriggers to be used when operating the Backhoe bucket for stabilisation.

A wide of range exercises, scenarios faults etc can be generated and used, operators can be total novice through to experienced and modules selected appropriately, below is a basic list of modules.

For full details of each section, quotes and booking please contact us. 

  • Basic Controls

  • Load and Carry

  • Loading on to and off of Trailer

  • Trenching

  • Skills Challenge 

  • Lifting and placing pipes, blocks, pallets and other loads (using both the forks and the lifting jib having to swap between using the quick coupler)

  • Truck loading (loading of several tipper trucks including communication)

  • Utilities excavations 

  • The incorporation of our live spotter / signal person station can also be used to train or assess your teams together