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Truck Loader Crane Simulator (Articulated)

The truck is equipped with a telescopic boom of four (4) sections for a maximum reach of 10.36m. The simulation takes into account the boom’s configuration to calculate the maximum load for that particular configuration. The truck has a maximum load capacity of 6,000 kg. and features standard capabilities available on a wide range of OEM products.

The simulator is controlled from a remote belly box just as in the real world on many models of truck loader crane 

A wide of range exercises, scenarios faults etc can be generated and used, operators can be total novice through to experienced and modules selected appropriately, below is a basic list of modules.

For full details of each section, quotes and booking please contact us. 

  • Basic Controls

  • Stacking blocks

  • Crane operator competency course (this is the same as what we put operators through on actual equipment to become a certified operator)

  • Unloading a trailer

  • Working along side railways 

  • Working on service roads 

  • Crane Setup Exercises.The purpose of the exercise is to practice lift planning and to set up the crane with the correct configuration before performing a lift.

  • The incorporation of our live dogman station can also be used to train or assess your teams together