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Tower Crane Operator

Based on the trainee's practical experience, trainees will be able to apply theory and practical skills in lifting regular and irregular loads with a tower crane, analyse and evaluate processes, through practical experience.

This course is based on coaching and assessment and is designed for trainees with experience in crane operation.

Course Overview
Practical and verbal assessments covering the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of using a tower crane;
  • Position the tower crane, and lift and place regular and irregular loads;
  • Put the tower crane into out-of-service condition;
  • Carry out daily and weekly operator maintenance of a tower

Evidence of experience in an environment where tower cranes are operating.
Unit Standard 3789 Sling regular loads and communicate during crane operations
30072 is now a pre requirement for holding 3789 if you do not hold these unit please contact us to deliver these for you.